Cargo Craft

Cargo Craft has imported, built and serviced
premium light electric vehicles (LEVs) since 2004

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Our story

Cargo Craft is Australia’s leading supplier of light electric vehicles (LEVs), cargo accessories and fleet services.

Cargo Craft’s parent company Electric Vehicles Pty Ltd (EV) was established in 2004 by electric bike pioneers Scott Dickason and Steve Smart.

EV has since become a leading LEV manufacturer and service provider, including building and maintaining Australia Post’s electric mail bike fleet, now 2,500 strong.

In January 2021, we established Cargo Craft Pty Ltd – a client-facing spin-off from EV – to address the COVID-driven boom in the global LEV market.

Cargo Craft now leads the design, customisation, marketing, selling and leasing of LEV fleets, accessories and docking stations. EV provides manufacturing, aftermarket parts and maintenance services to Cargo Craft.


Our mission is to cut Australia’s transport footprint by growing and leading our LEV manufacturing and service sector.

Whether you’re a courier company, an individual, small or large business, university, council, government agency, transport hub or tourist destination… we’ll get you moving cheaper, faster, cleaner and safer.

Get in touch to learn more about the full Cargo Craft fleet of light electric vehicles.