We have imported, built and serviced premium
light electric vehicles (LEVs) since 2004

Tyre tread

Light electric vehicle (LEV) design, manufacturing and customisation

Including Quality Assurance engineering and manufacturing process, plus quality control/testing

Cargo Craft designs, builds and imports footpath compliant LEVs and cargo accessories such as racks, panniers and boxes with up to 1.15 m3 storage capacity, tailored to your specific needs.

Our in-house team and industry partners have diverse skills covering CAD design, TIG welding, plastic parts production, product prototyping, field testing, domestic and international sourcing and supply chains, vehicle assembly, national distribution, parts and servicing.

Courier, express and parcel deliveries

B2B and B2C e-commerce is driving massive growth in the courier, express and parcel delivery market with 8-10% CAGR predicted to 2026 (MarketWatch, 2020).

McKinsey (2020) estimates the last mile of a parcel’s journey accounts for 50% of its total delivery cost. Light electric vehicles (LEVs), such as cargo bikes, trikes and trolleys, are more efficient than cars, vans and trucks for last mile deliveries as they can travel on footpaths and cycleways, slip through traffic and don’t contend for scarce parking (Pembina Institute, 2019).

Who we service

We build and service LEV fleets, cargo accessories and charging stations for:

Last mile logistics

Cargo Craft built and continues to service Australia Post’s national fleet of 2,500 electric mail bikes. Our footpath compliant vehicles provide parcel and mail delivery and maximise the efficiency of last mile deliveries in dense urban environments.


Our vehicles are suitable for large organisations such as councils, universities, government departments, emergency services and military bases.

Transport hubs

Railway stations, ports and airports are perfect places to utilise LEVs.


We can supply vehicles to hotels, resorts, rail trails, national parks and tourist destinations and facilities.

Property developments

Our electric vehicle range is ideal for tenants of office and apartment buildings who have limited parking available.

LEV battery testing

Poorly manufactured or maintained Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) battery packs can catch fire or explode, endangering people and property.

Our battery load testing facility provides accurate measurements of battery capacities, voltages and charge and discharge rates against Australian Standards for a range of battery chemistries:

  • Charging/discharging: 6 to 72V, up to 20 amps, customised to simulate the product’s working environment
  • Battery chemistries: Lithium Ion, Lithium Polymer, Lithium Phosphate, Lead Acid and more.
  • Ad hoc checks and regular Test and Tag programs
  • Comprehensive reports

We also design and build custom lithium battery packs containing industry-leading Panasonic cells.

LEV motor and controller testing

Does your LEV motor meet the manufacturer’s claimed peak and continuously rated power output?

Our comprehensive testing facility accurately measures power output and efficiency at the wheel/drive shaft for a wide range of motor types and brands.

We can simulate real-world working conditions, such as extremes in topography and loads, for LEV motors and wheelsets.

LEV frame and fork design & testing

We design and manufacture bespoke LEV frames and forks.

We keep construction and geometry flexible so we can match our clients’ wide-ranging needs, but our preferred material is Chrome-Moly due to its high strength to weight ratio.

Our mechanical testing exceeds international standards because we benchmark against tough real-world conditions.

Our testing partners are NATA certified and provide comprehensive reports.

Aftermarket parts and services

As a preferred supplier to Australia Post, Cargo Craft has Australia’s biggest LEV service, repairs and parts network, covering every state.

On average, LEV fleets cost 10 times less to maintain than a car fleet:

Highest use case: high-frequency daily courier deliveries – expect $1,500 parts and maintenance per vehicle per year

Lowest use case: real estate fleet for tenants of office and apartment buildings – expect $500 parts and maintenance per vehicle per year.

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LEV retail partners

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Micro-mobility fleets

Green, affordable and convenient door-to-door mobility

As the cleanest, cheapest, fastest and COVID-safe mode of transport in congested cities, light electric vehicles (LEVs) are ideal for your staff, tenants and clients.

LEV fleets:

  • are 10 x cheaper than car fleets to buy and operate
  • boost travel efficiency between home, work, shops and meetings
  • cut transport costs and demand for car parking
  • improve health, traffic flow, air quality and community connection.

Leading the way

Cargo Craft is Australia’s leading LEV fleet provider (we make Australia Post’s fleet of 2,500+ electric bikes), with the nation’s biggest service, repairs and parts network.

Our LEVs can carry large loads (200kg+), moving people and goods with ease and efficiency. We customise cargo boxes, panniers, baskets and bike components to suit your needs.

In 2022, we are introducing automatic dock and charge ports to make LEV fleets even more convenient.

Our turnkey LEV fleet subscription package includes:

  • Safe charging – wall-mounted battery chargers to avoid trip hazards
  • Smart fleet management – real time vehicle tracking with GPS, cloud-based fleet management and detailed reporting
  • Secure customer interface – automatic vehicle unlocking and bookings with smart locks and smartphone app
  • Servicing – scheduled maintenance and repairs anywhere in Australia through the nation’s biggest LEV service network
  • To-door delivery and rider training

Optional extras:

  • Theft and damage insurance
  • Rider Rescue (breakdown service) through Bicycle Network
  • Option to buy the LEVs at any point at a discounted price that reflects the expired portion of the lease