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Cargo Craft is Australia’s leading supplier of e-bikes with the largest network of aftermarket parts in Australia. Visit our Melbourne showroom to find the right e-bike for you.

Special Offer - Free Front Cargo Rack

Buy any e-bike before 1 February 2022 to receive a free front cargo rack valued up to $245.

Simply mention this offer when purchasing.

Our e-bikes

Cargo Craft CarryAll

Ride the electric cargo bike trusted by over 2,500 posties with industry-leading load capacity and riding range. It’s perfect for business, logistics, shopping and carrying kids.

RRP $3,999
Cargo Craft HeavyHaul

The strongest, street-legal e-trike in Australia with huge load-carrying capacity. HeavyHaul is a workhorse for business, industry and families.

RRP $6,950 - $7,950
Loden One

This e-bike can do a bit of everything: commuting, light errands, dropping kids off at school, and leisure riding. The perfect balance between nimble size and wide-ranging capabilities.

RRP $5,450
Tern HSD P9

The HSD is easy to handle, easy to share, extremely comfortable to ride, carries a whole lot of cargo — and all of this in a compact design that’s shorter than a standard bicycle.

RRP $5,595
Tern GSD S10 LX

With a 200kg Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight, the GSD is ready to replace your car. Carry two kids plus groceries, or a whole lot of cargo—but it’s the same length as a regular bike.

RRP $7,795

Trusted by the best

Cargo Craft provides and maintains Australia Post’s electric mail bike fleet, now 2,500 strong.

Replace your car

Our electric cargo bikes are so practical & versatile they can replace your car for most trips, saving money and the environment.

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