Micromobility fleets

Green, fast and affordable door-to-door mobility

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Micromobility benefits

Micromobility (travel on pushbikes, e-bikes, e-trikes and e-scooters):

  • is 10 x cheaper than cars
  • boosts travel efficiency between home, work, shops and meetings
  • cuts transport costs and demand for car parking
  • improves health, traffic flow, air quality and community connection.

Our e-cargo cycles can carry large loads (200kg+), moving people and goods with ease and efficiency. We customise cycles, components and accessories (boxes, panniers and baskets) to suit your needs.

IN DEVELOPMENT: Launching in 2023

Automated micromobility hubs and fleets

MicroFleet is a unique Australian transport technology.

Our smart docking stations automatically lock, safely charge and facilitate sharing of any micromobility (MM) vehicle.

MicroFleet is not limited to public MM fleets: it can also lock and charge private vehicles and organisational fleets, facilitate
peer-to-peer sharing and integrate with public transport to fill last mile network gaps.

It creates clean, affordable and fast door-to-door mobility for tenants, workers, couriers, commuters, students and tourists at
office and apartment buildings, transport hubs, universities, schools, business parks, hotels… applications are unlimited.

Last mile logistics

Cargo Craft built and continues to service Australia Post’s national fleet of 2,500 electric mail bikes. Our footpath compliant vehicles provide parcel and mail delivery and maximise the efficiency of last mile deliveries in dense urban environments.


Our vehicles are suitable for large organisations such as councils, universities, government departments, emergency services and military bases.

Transport hubs

Railway stations, ports and airports are perfect places to utilise LEVs.


We can supply vehicles to hotels, resorts, rail trails, national parks and tourist destinations and facilities.

Property developments

Our electric vehicle range is ideal for tenants of office and apartment buildings who have limited parking available.

Our technology platform

The MicroFleet® platform has three parts:

  1. Fleets – Comprise any MM vehicle fitted quickly and cheaply with MicroFleet’s universal OneKey® connector. Fleets can comprise private or public MM vehicles, be owned by anyone and shared with anyone.

  2. Hubs – distributed MM parking stations comprising OneDock® universal digital docks. OneDock® automatically locks, charges and facilitates sharing and rentals of Fleets fitted with OneKey®. It contains a programmable battery charger for fast, safe charging. Hub owners control access and parking fees.

  3. Software, including:
    • RFID vehicle locking and releasing
    • Integration with remote payment systems such as Nayax (optional)
    • Smartphone app to manage user access and parking (optional)
    • Fleet management software to manage vehicle sharing and journey planning (optional)
    • LoRaWAN networks and IOT devices to connect
    • Fleets and Hubs, collect trip data and integrate with the built environment (optional).

System requirements

(client to provide)
  • Station mounting surface: level hardstand (e.g. concrete) to take penetrative fixings
  • Shelter for weather protection (optional)
  • Wall with GPO for electrical cabinet, optional post mounting
  • Power supply: 240V AC, optional solar supply from shelter
  • Power consumption: maximum 360W per OneDock in fast charge mode. However, this reduces vehicle battery life, so we recommend regular charging mode peaking at 240W, enabling up to 10 OneDocks per 10A circuit.

Space requirements

Space required per charging bay is double the vehicle length to allow ingress/egress from stations:
  • Scooters – 2400mmL x 500mmW
  • Regular e-bikes and pushbikes – 3600mmL x 700mmW
  • Longtail e-cargo bikes – 4000mmL x 700mmW
  • Trikes – 4200mmL x 1100mmW

Price on application. Contact us today to plan your automated micromobility fleet.

Get in touch to learn more about the full Cargo Craft fleet of light electric vehicles.